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Race Recap: Scottsdale 5k 2018, Virtual Runner

From October (if we are lucky) to February we dream in Orange && Black… However, we start receiving the Giant Race emails well into this quiet phase of non-baseball life. We get swept away with the ideals of a Series Sweep medal to prove we are okay spending at least $250

Rose & Thorn [49]

4th Annual Girls Hiking Weekend! Rose: An overwhelming feeling of peace at Cascade Falls! Thorn: Losing $20 in less than 30 seconds during my first Black Jack experience! It all started with Yosemite and Half Dome, and we haven’t looked back. This year makes it our 4th #AnnualGirlsHikingWeekend with the

Five Things Friday – ACA-scue me?!

Today more than ever, do I need to remind myself of happiness… Thanks, Clare! Too many thoughts swirling around my head without the perfect forum to verbalize them. Maybe I need a journal, maybe I should blog it…I’m just a little lost today. So, it’s the perfect time to remind