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City Girl Does Cancún

It all started with a letter… …and continues with a beautiful and very memorable wedding on the beach of Cancún. Not, not my love story. HAHA! But the dreamiest of stories of the Wench meeting, falling in love and marrying Hotlanta in a whirlwind long-ish weekend in Mexico surrounded by love,

Cali Girl Does Chicago – AGAIN

Chi Town, weeeeeee’reeeeee baaaack! Lucky for me, I get to travel domestically for work once (now really twice) a year for tradeshows. This year brought us back to Chicago, which I couldn’t have been happier about. This place, minus the random weather, has so many fun things to do and

Cali Girl Does Seattle – Último Día

Our last day was nothing like I had anticipated… …it was a hot mess! I’m sure you’re over reading about Seattle and Canada, but lucky for you, our getaway was only four days. So here we are, the last day of our trip. In case you missed the others, please

Cali Girl Does Seattle – Día Uno

Adulting Spring break style… And because we’re obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy…be serious! Well, we do watch it every week, but that’s not why we decided to spend a few days here. It happened on a whim and I went with it. If J agrees to any adventure, I plan it in

Crusin’, Baby!

The last summer hurrah… The perfect way to end our summer of small trips. I’ve done some traveling, minimal, but enough. But I’ve never been in the airport as many times as I have this summer, in that short of time span. I feel completely lucky to be sharing my

Cali Girl Does Chicago – Part Une

When work calls… …you GO! The Windy City. Chi Town. Chicago. Whatever you prefer to call it, was my home for six days. My time spent in the Windy City can be described as — a little fun (being a tourist) and lots(ish) of work! Cheesy Moment Alert: This was

5 Things Friday

Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday! Friday! …oh, did you know it’s Friday?!? 1. AZ – so i didn’t get to fully recap my birthday/spring training trip to AZ, but let’s just say it was nothing short of amazing. I got to spend an extended weekend with four amazing girls, the sun,