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Race Recap: California International Marathon – Relay 2015

Same name, different team. Obsessed with this sign this year. I think the California International Marathon is magical. I may be slightly biased because it resides in my backyard, but nonetheless, there is something that it does to this city, year after year. If you aren’t pissed that you cannot

Race Recap: California International Marathon Relay

When running the relay just doesn’t feel right… Because it is the RUNniversary of your first, EVER, marathon! Okay, get over myself, I know…I know! For a different perspective on this race, please feel free to read my race recap from last year. However, before last year, this was a

Race Recap: Eppies Great Race

Rest in peace Eppie! If this triathlon doesn’t scream Sacramento, then I don’t know what does. This isn’t your average tri – it does NOT go swim, bike run. In great Eppie fashion it goes by its own accord – run, bike, and paddle (aka kayak). Eppie G. Johnson (Remembrance) was

5 Things Friday – 5 x 3 = The Weekend

Short and simple today! Thanks, Clare! Busy weekend, but sadly no World Cup to watch or discuss 🙁 5 Things I’ll be Doing this Weekend 1. Team Hot Mess will be competing in the Eppie’s Great Race (Triathlon) – 4th time, I believe. 2. (Hoping) Going to Old Sugar Mill