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Race Recap: Scottsdale 5k 2018, Virtual Runner

From October (if we are lucky) to February we dream in Orange && Black… However, we start receiving the Giant Race emails well into this quiet phase of non-baseball life. We get swept away with the ideals of a Series Sweep medal to prove we are okay spending at least $250

Musings: Not Starting

My blogger dream could have been a reality… …but I wasn’t selected! I was crushed. That might be a slight exaggeration, but it still stings. The SF Giants started a new blogger ‘Starting Nine’ for their Giant Race series. When I saw their FB post asking for people to apply,

Race Recap: The Scottsdale Giant Race 9k

It’s totally normal to wake up before 6AM on vacation, right?!? New shoes, same perspective… Well of course it is, if you want to be a part of an inaugural race. I think they use this word “inaugural” very loosely, because they’ve offered this race before. However, they changed the