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Christmas Advenutre: The Last Day…

A day with no plans… This felt really nice after going nonstop from Christmas Eve to now. There were only two things that we had planned for the day, L had to have some pool time and J had to watch is beloved Spurs play! That was it…well, and of

Le End (Totes x 4)

Finally, a tote I didn’t change one thing too… Promise! But the lackluster eloquence of this post is because this is my last tote. I decided that I’d rather not pay the monthly fee and just use that money towards actual clothes and/or accessories I get to keep.  Nonetheless, I

Cali Girl Does Seattle – Día Uno

Adulting Spring break style… And because we’re obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy…be serious! Well, we do watch it every week, but that’s not why we decided to spend a few days here. It happened on a whim and I went with it. If J agrees to any adventure, I plan it in

On to the Next Chapter…

Move over 2015, 2016 is making its way… Just being cliche with a year end post. Totes, obvi! HAHA! Okay, but for real. I’m a day early, but I was scrolling through IG for a little bit (I have way too many posts to look through the entire year) and

Crusin’, Baby!

The last summer hurrah… The perfect way to end our summer of small trips. I’ve done some traveling, minimal, but enough. But I’ve never been in the airport as many times as I have this summer, in that short of time span. I feel completely lucky to be sharing my

Cali Girl Does Chicago – The End!

I love exploring different places… …but nothing feels as good as home! All good things must come to an end, but first you better enjoy the hell out of them. I wasn’t homesick at all, but I was definitely missing my pillows and L’s sweet little face! But before we