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Musings: My Claim to Fame

I’m like, kinda Insta-famous… Totally kidding. However, this day in age, when a brand reposts, or even comments on your social, it tends to mean something to some. Some people could give a rats ass about this stuff. I can appreciate that. Then you have those, like myself, who enjoy

Musings: Post It or It Didn’t Happen

So many thoughts, so many feels. via Pinterest I realize the irony in this Pin, trust me I do. What does a girl with (currently, can change at any time) 3,674 Instagram posts, 9,797 Tweets, and countless FB posts have any business posting something like this? Because it resonates wholeheartedly

Thinking Out Loud – Getting Lost in Random

Allergies have me all kinds of random today! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. The last few nights have been shitty sleep. My allergies are killing me, making sleep elusive and my days miserable. I went from sore throat to post nasal drip in the span of one day. Sorry, I’ll

Thinking Out Loud – Like I Do Every Thursday

Well, well, well… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. It’s already Thursday, I’ll be darned! I’m pretty excited about this weekend, got some fun stuff planned 🙂 6 Months-ish // When I outed my blog, I knew there would be some support and probably some backlash (can’t think of a better