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Musings: VRBO (Rental #318895) Gone Wrong

You pay for what you get… If you remember way back to August 2016, we went to Hawaii for Lil’s 30th birthday. Here are a few of the posts: Cali Girl Does Hawaii: Back to the Island Cali Girl Does Hawaii: #SAndJTravels_Hawaii Cali Girl Does Hawaii: Zippin’ on a Whim

Cinco de Ganeeban

Hey, remember me… No prob-llama, I haven’t gone anywhere! I’ve missed blogging and it missed me. I thought I’d write a quick post about life lately…so yeah! Night Date, because Date Night is so overused. Last night J and I used two gift cards (werk perk) that were expired, but

On to the Next Chapter…

Move over 2015, 2016 is making its way… Just being cliche with a year end post. Totes, obvi! HAHA! Okay, but for real. I’m a day early, but I was scrolling through IG for a little bit (I have way too many posts to look through the entire year) and

Thinking Out Loud – On a Thursday

I’m all thought’d out… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. The good thing about blogging is I can make up my own words and no one can say anything. Well, technically not true. But I do and I don’t really care what anyone says. So take that… thought’d! Pitch Perfect 2

Thinking Out Loud – Without Much Thought

Just not feelin’ it today… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I say that now, but then the post will end up going on for ever…and ever… Pizza // Do you ever have such an intense craving for food, but don’t give in for days. Then finally, the weather gets gloomy

Five Things Friday – Our Coffee Date

Let’s pretend for a second… Thanks, Clare! Let’s get lost in a very cute, hippie chic coffee shop. We are sitting in some slightly uncomfortable wooden chairs, leaning on a concrete slab table, and enjoying each others company. Here are the things I’d probably talk to you about… Source 1.

Thinking Out Loud – Hawaii Edition

Back on that grind… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I thought I’d just verbally spew some stuff from my recent trip to Hawaii and whatnot… Sunsets – I never take the time to watch the sunset in Sacramento, but I feel like when you’re in Hawaii and it’s setting over

Five Things Friday – Short && Sweet

Just like a Friday workday should be! Thanks, Clare! So, I’ve been making you jealous pumping you up with all my talk of Hawaii, but the time has (almost) come! I’m working a half day today and then I’m O-U-T-T-A H-E-R-E! My Home for 7 Days 5 Things I’m Doing