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Musings: I Love Love

I truly do. There is nothing more this soccer playing, weight lifting, race running Girly Tomboy loves, than LOVE. Despite my Girly Tomboy exterior/persona, I am a true romantic a heart. I absolutely love everything about being in love, seeing love shared between others, and those cheesy Hallmark movies! Is

Musings: No Buy February – Week 2

Tracking is truly a way to hold you accountable. The Financial Diet and just about EVERYONE else who tries to help others manage their finances recommend writing it all down. I know it works. But I don’t want to admit it to myself. That’s too transparent. That’s too accountable. That’s

Musings: Winter WINEland 2018

Say you’ll be wine… It’s a little too early to say this was an early Valentine’s Day celebration, but I’m going with it — cause it works well for this post! Last year, we experienced the Lodi Wine & Chocolate weekend. This was the weekend prior to Valentine’s Day. This

An Early Valentine’s Day Adventure: Lodi Wine & Chocolate

Sometimes being a cliche is okay! The Lil asked if we wanted to join her and her dude at Lodi Wine and Chocolate. We didn’t really need much convincing, so we agreed. I’d heard of this event, but I’ve never thought to actually go. I love a new adventure and

GALentine's Coffee Date

Because love, Gal’s, and coffee just go together! Lately, running has been on my mind a lot…even if I haven’t been actually running the miles I am supposed to be. Our GALentine’s coffee date, will most likely be me talking about running and all the random stuff. So sit back

Rose & Thorn [37]

The long weekend I’ve been longing for…No pun intended… Rose: Valentine’s Day and celebrating one year as J’s lady! Thorn: Not doing the long run that was on the training schedule :/ How did we luck out with a long weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our one year anniversary?

Thinking Out Loud – The Love Edition

T-minus 2 days to lovah’s day, y’all! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I definitely am, and always have been, a huge proponent of Valentine’s Day. I think celebrating love is an amazing thing. Yes, it is very over commercialized. Yes, I love being sent flowers. Yes, chocolate tastes good. Yes,