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Race Recap: San Jose Giant Race 5 Miler

The race I always want to flake on… …but DON’T! I have to drive 1.5 hours the night before to get to Lil’s casa. Then we get up super early the next AM and drive 40 mins to the race. Then do it all over again for me to get

WIAW – A (Tues)Day In the Life…

A little inspiration to spice up my weekly post, from Chelsea Eats Treats post today! It’s always fun trying to figure out where the party is each week, but I’m seeing a pattern. So we find ourselves back over with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets. Per the usu, check

Race Recap: Shamrock'N Half Marathon

Seven years later I’m still running this race… I’m not sure what else to say about this race. But I do know that every race is different, so I can recap from this particular race day perspective. In addition, they slightly changed up the course, AGAIN this year! If you

WIAW – Let Birthday Month Commence!

Le Birthday Month is starting early! Thanks, Jenn! Thanks to the Bestest! 3-2, I’m ready for you. 31 was pretty awesome, as have been all of the previous years, but 31 was pretty magical. A handsome fella and his little princess landed in my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Rose & Thorn [33]

Weekends are now synonymous with “long runs”… Rose: Celebrating my dativersary with J. Thorn: The bottom of my feet hurting, something crazy, after my long run…new pain! Friday  Game night with the soccer homies! I say soccer homies because most of us play soccer together, but we all also hang

Rose & Thorn [32]

My body is still screaming from this weekend… Rose: Our Family Friday Date Night & our belated Girl’s Holiday Outing! Thorn: The shittiest long run this training cycle, well…to-date! Friday I came home to the BEST piece of mail ever. I don’t think I mentioned it in earlier posts, but

Rose & Thorn [12]

Babies, babies, babies… Rose: Attending a baby shower for a good friend from college. Thorn: My sore, sore, sore quads and a very humbling run… Another weekend of plenty of eating, plenty of babies, and some relaxation mixed. It should be highlighted that I went on a voluntary run this