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…of not eating Fast Food. I don’t want accolades. But J sure does.  I will give him his kudos and accolades, but I still don’t need them. I’m an “all in or out” type of girl, which isn’t new. I don’t do good with moderation, probably another 2016 goal that should be

WIAW – Veggie Week Ugliness

It’s that time of the month again! No, not that time of the month. It’s Veggie Week! So here are my eats from yesterday, pardon the plainness that went on – just keepin’ it real over here! But before I get into yesterday, venture over to Arman at The Big

WIAW – A (Tues)Day In the Life…

A little inspiration to spice up my weekly post, from Chelsea Eats Treats post today! It’s always fun trying to figure out where the party is each week, but I’m seeing a pattern. So we find ourselves back over with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets. Per the usu, check

Rose & Thorn [35]

I guess I was supposed to care about some football game this weekend… Rose: Lunch date with my Mormon and meeting a local blogger for coffee & donuts! Thorn: Sore legs…but what else is new?! Had a fun weekend, albeit busy, but no complaints from this lil lady! I didn’t

Thinking out Loud – It’s OK to be Random

Verbal purge… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Just some randomness that has been floating through my brain, in conversation, or on social media. Health Check – I love that my company rewards us for being healthy and also offers great tools to keep us on track. Each year they have

Rose & Thorn [26]

Sorry, a date late…dang head cold got the best of me yesterday 🙁 The last weekend of normalcy… Rose: Completing a full week of marathon training! Thorn: Damn head cold… Weekend collages are a must! This is the last weekend, before the whirlwind of the holiday’s sweeps us into an

WIAW – Eat, Drink, Baseball

Sometimes Most of the time I post my food pics before I get to Wednesday… Thanks, Jenn! So, here goes a purge of randomness that I’ve eaten over the last two weeks..or so… This is about all I can muster up, because my beloved Giants lost last night and I

Thinking Out Loud in Pictures

Thursday iPhone pic purge, comin’ atch ya!… Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. Because sometimes pictures are better than words… I hate despise her! She should move just a little… Yeah, that’s a LOT of damn days. Ganeeban Family Vaycay Perfect scoop of coffee ice cream. Gunther’s // Coffee Ice Cream

Thinking out Loud – Numero Tres

Randomness at its finest! Amanda at .RUNNING WITH SPOONS. I think I love doing this because I get to be completely random! I don’t have to focus or write on a specific topic, which I do enjoy, but let’s be honest, being random is much easier… 1. Eczema – if