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Musings: Swooning over the CA State Fair

Another year, another CA State Fair!   Just living my best life possible, one fried thing at a time! I can’t really say much that I haven’t already said over the last few years: 2016, 2015, 2014, and another 2014. But what I can do, is share my mostly food adventures from my two

Musings: Once A Californian Year

The CA State Fair is so misunderstood… …like a solemn teenager. Maybe it’s because I’m born and raised Sacramentan OR maybe it’s because I love fried food, rides, animals, and everything California. Whatever the reason, I make it my summer goal to never miss a fair! Faux curly hair for

You’re One In A Melon [Watermelon Themed Party]

Baller-on-a-budget, kids themed party status! To say we were on a tight budget, is an understatement. All our traveling bills came at once and so did a rapidly approaching birthday party! But you make do, because that’s how life goes. In our house, watermelon goes by the name of sandia

WIAW: The Lil's Bday Edition

Your Lil only turns 28 once… Thanks, Jenn! …so she deserves a dedicated post to what we ate in honor of her last Thursday for her big day! She’s a very low key person, but she does like to eat big and fancy. However, this year, she toned it down

WIAW – That good, good!

Goodness that I found on my iPhone… Thanks, Jenn! I didn’t pick a day or even have one to use for a typical WIAW post, so I thought I’d brag about some delicious food I’ve eaten in the last week or so (and pics that haven’t been posted on the