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City Girl Does Cancún

It all started with a letter… …and continues with a beautiful and very memorable wedding on the beach of Cancún. Not, not my love story. HAHA! But the dreamiest of stories of the Wench meeting, falling in love and marrying Hotlanta in a whirlwind long-ish weekend in Mexico surrounded by love,

#CoachPAndLotTieTheKnot – 10.16.16

When you’re girl marries her prince… Photo by Cristal you CELEBRATE! Even if it’s pouring rain, like buckets of rain. Flash back to a couple of years ago, lil Adri’s bday party was in full swing at Round Table. The Teacher (re: Lot) mentioned she had a date later that

Every Summer Has a Story…

2016  was the Summer of polarizing emotions, feelings, and life. More than anything, emotionally this was the hardest Summer I’ve ever experienced. Within the depths of deep sadness and anger, were moments of fun, travel, and good food. All culminated with happiness, but to get here was a struggle. I’m

Cinco de Ganeeban

Hey, remember me… No prob-llama, I haven’t gone anywhere! I’ve missed blogging and it missed me. I thought I’d write a quick post about life lately…so yeah! Night Date, because Date Night is so overused. Last night J and I used two gift cards (werk perk) that were expired, but


Best wedding hashtag. Ever. I might be slightly biased, but I’ve been swooning over their wedding hashtag in preparation of their big day.  My youngest cousin, of the oldest cousins, got married this past weekend. Did you follow that? My aunts youngest son, Micah, married the love of his life,

Diamond Celebration

60 years, that’s a long time… …to be with one person. Geez! HAHA, I say that in jest. I can only hope to have and cultivate what J’s grandparents have. This past weekend we celebrated their anniversary in grand fashion. I thought I was getting off scot-free (I just looked

Rose & Thorn [4]

Over it… Sorry, I sincerely apologize for my lack of enthusiasm for today’s post. It was along weekend of good things and some not so good things. So I’m exhausted. I’d love to go about my normal ways of writing you into oblivion, but I won’t and you’ll get it

5 Things Friday – Listing it Out…

I like lists, like a LOT… Thanks, Clare! I’m so neurotically overly obsessed with being organized, I even felt the need to apply it to this post! 5 Things Going on This Weekend: 1. Cousin’s Credential Program Graduation 2. Giants Game – Wine Fest 3. Champions League Final 4. Wedding