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Musings: Winter WINEland 2018

Say you’ll be wine… It’s a little too early to say this was an early Valentine’s Day celebration, but I’m going with it — cause it works well for this post! Last year, we experienced the Lodi Wine & Chocolate weekend. This was the weekend prior to Valentine’s Day. This

Just Like Frozen…

2 sisters and a castle… …just like Frozen. Except we’re Asian, there was NO snow, and it’s really a winery. So basically, just like Frozen. Every Princess needs a Castello (de Amarosa), right? Napa is known for many things, but mostly for their delicious vino. Did you know a perfect

Excursioning in Ensenada

You get one day on land! So, you better make the BEST of it!  And Poppa Bear decided we were going to, damn it! He booked us an ATV and wine tasting adventure! We had to meet in a certain area of the ship by 9AM to leave for our

Rose & Thorn [25]

Our house is now a home! Rose: Having all of our family and friends visit our home! Thorn: No time for resting, all weekend… My heart couldn’t be any happier, but I’m exhausted. Getting serious about marathon training, having a busy social calendar, and prepping for a housewarming has left

Rose & Thorn [20]

The Wine Not? Rose: A weekend of girlfriend debauchery doused in vino!  Thorn: Migraine like situation and being bloated all weekend… My apologies…I just didn’t have it in me to write yesterday. In my heart I wanted too, but my body and mind just weren’t connecting yesterday. So, my 20th

Weeknds Are for Wine!

Age and wine are similar… Freeport Bakery // Champagne Cake The older you (it) gets, the better it becomes!  Although my birthday isn’t until the 5th, I started celebrating really early this year. I don’t think I’ve ever started celebrating in February. But, hey, what are you supposed to do