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Musings: My FIRST Best of Sacramento Party

I love my city! I’m pretty sure you know that by now, but just in case you didn’t…I had to say it AGAIN! We have a local publication, Sacramento Magazine, that has been around forever. Poppa Bear has been a subscriber forever. I always love paging through the magazine at

Musings: A SURPRISE Breakup Party

No Juan was harmed during this celebration! I feel like this type of thing only happens to Real Housewives of [insert hella different cities] or on SATC! N E V E R did I imagine my girl tribe would surprise me with a breakup party! I woke up the next

Musings: Week Day Pampering

Along with cinnamon rolls as appetizers, I’m petitioning for week day pampering! via Pinterest Week days are not just for work, dinner, working out, and carting kids to soccer practice. Seriously, pampering ourselves on a week day should be something we all do, men and women. I have a feeling

Musings: FLAVOR! Napa Valley

Sometimes you know, sometimes you have NO clue! Thank goodness, my friend (she happens to be a co-worker too) K, knows what’s up! We are always discussing food and sending pics to each other, quizzing knowledge about new places, and trying out new places together — but she schooled me!

Musings: Lunchin’ in Sausalito

I wasn’t going to plan anything this year… I was going to let our Monterey trip be any type of birthday celebration I’d have be it, this year. But then I figured why not? Why not see if anyone is available to do something different? Clubbing birthdays were our early

An Early Valentine’s Day Adventure: Lodi Wine & Chocolate

Sometimes being a cliche is okay! The Lil asked if we wanted to join her and her dude at Lodi Wine and Chocolate. We didn’t really need much convincing, so we agreed. I’d heard of this event, but I’ve never thought to actually go. I love a new adventure and

Just Like Frozen…

2 sisters and a castle… …just like Frozen. Except we’re Asian, there was NO snow, and it’s really a winery. So basically, just like Frozen. Every Princess needs a Castello (de Amarosa), right? Napa is known for many things, but mostly for their delicious vino. Did you know a perfect

Cali Girl Does Dallas – Part 1

Good times && crazy friends, forever memories! I know I talk about my girlfriends all the time, but I realize I never mention my guy friends. There is a core group of guys that I’ve grown up with, whom I’m really close with. Some of the friendships range from back

…and Like That It’s Over!

Christmas has come and gone… …just like that. If you remember correctly, I was trying to find my Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve. Shortly after I wrote/posted that, it started to sink in and magically I began to start feeling more in the spirit. Maybe it was just saying it out loud (well,

My 1st MLS All-Star Game

I love soccer, but I don’t love the MLS… Via @MLS tweet I appreciate it, wholeheartedly, but I don’t pay attention to much of it. I do enjoy attending the occasional San Jose Earthquakes game and on any given Sunday a MLS game will be on at our house. But