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Musings: Cannabis + The Red Tent

What in the WORLD could these two things have in common? Well, they are the themes of two events I attended last week. During my process through self-exploration and growth, I have wanted to challenge myself. Challenge my perceptions, beliefs, and perceived thoughts. It has been a challenge all right!

Musings: FALLing into Gratitude

Fall brings one of my favorite holidays. Door Mat // Hobby LobbyShoes & Dress // Old Navy Thanksgiving, of course.  But more than taking in all the beautiful fall colors lining the streets of Sacramento, are the small acts of generosity that recently reminded me to be grateful and thankful.


Hashtag. All. The. National. Holiday’s. Via I love this saying. It’s so damn true. Since there’s a ‘national’ day for everything then why shouldn’t girlfriends get one too?! If you’ve spent any time here at MOAGT (that’s an ugly acronym), then you know how much I treasure my friends –