What I’m Reading

Currently Reading: Yes Please, Amy Poehler

Current Book Club Read: Anxious People, Fredrik Backman

Currently On-Hold: Rising Strong, Brené Brown

On-Deck Reads:

I’ve always been in love with getting lost in fiction. Non-fiction too. I don’t usually discriminate when it comes to reading. But I am very picky about the type of books I buy. I LOVE hardbound books. I love filling my shelves with books, even though it takes up way too much space. But the touch of a hardbound cover is so serene. Not to mention, I always mess up paperback books. They just don’t travel as well, nor do they fare the Sacramento poolside heat very well. I am adamantly opposed to e-books but must confess I purchased one to read on a trip, even though I had the paperback version. And I didn’t even read the e-book.

My reading tends to happen in highs and lows, even though I know reading consistently makes me happiest. I’ll obsessively read five books in a row, then not read for six months. I’m obsessed with chick-lit, but I also enjoy true crimes, philanthropy, and very recently more self-help style books. I say self-help very loosely, they are more empowering, spiritual, and self-exploration books. But I openly take recommendations and possibly judge some books by their covers, which is the sole reason they come home from the bookstore with me.

I thought I’d add this page to the blog so you could see what I’m currently reading. In addition to what I’ve finished reading and what is on deck. Maybe it’ll inspire you to visit the library and check one out, order one via Amazon Prime, or borrow one from me (or another friend).

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Here is my Amazon List of books that I want to eventually buy in case you are looking for some book inspo or want to randomly send me a gift: Falling for Fiction (or Non-Fiction too)

Finished Reads:

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey. They are home. — Anna Quindlen